Last minute changes turned out great

Ed came to us thinking that he wanted a really simple wedding band, but when we were done with the design of his fiancees ring, he was also hooked on custom designing. Last minute, he decided that he wanted his ring to have that Something that made it his very own. At first glance, this ring looks like a plain... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Kate Middleton’s Ring

What would be better than receiving Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring? We would say, being proposed to with a ring that was custom designed for you, inspired by the Duchess' ring. B knew that his girlfriend liked Kate Middelton's ring but wanted to make a ring that would suit her personality even better. With the Diamond... Continue Reading →

Drakenberg Sjölin in Singapore

Remember last year when we visited Stockholm for jewellery inspiration and discovered DRAKENBERG SJÖLIN? This Swedish jewellery label designs shimmering petals of silver inspired by nature throughout the Nordic seasons. It's popularity lies in the understated, yet elegant designs, which make them easy to mix and match, for office or cocktail. Available only at More Than... Continue Reading →

Where is the Diamond?

Sometimes the unexpected can have a wonderfully surprising effect. Here are a few designs that through unusual placement of the Diamond make a simple design stand out. A plain band if you look at it from one side - and with 9 little Diamonds when you turn it around! One single Princess Cut Diamond on... Continue Reading →

A Classic Never Goes Out Of Style

If you have ever tried finding a plain yet well-cut shirt you will know how difficult it can be. The plain ones are often of poor quality that are not built to last and the rest will have some funny print or detail spoiling the clean look. People have their own personal definition of what... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found: SER Jewellery Shoot

In the midst of spring cleaning our computers, we came across some beautiful pictures that have not been shown here on the blog yet. Artika Sulaiman's private sale company Sloane Elizabeth Robertson were shooting their lookbook for an upcoming sale and More than Diamonds and Goldilocks offered our jewellery to complete the looks. While on location,... Continue Reading →

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