Pearls – Treasured Classics in Modern setting

Pearls are usually next in line if you already have a few diamond items. Pearls themselves are indeed timeless, but you might want to refresh the design of the setting they’re in. This means you could wear your grandmother’s pearls, even as a young woman. Whether you like South sea pearls or cultured pearls, white, silver or black pearls, they can all be set into a design that works for you, at this point in your life.

Plain pearls got an updated look with diamond stud on top. Original white gold setting matches the slightly golden pearls.

We changed the Diamond setting on these pearls, so that C would be able to wear them with a pair of diamond hoops that she already owns and wears frequently. This way she can choose how dressed up she wants to be – some days simple diamond hoops, other days (or nights) dressed up with dangling pearls.

Classic hook design with diamonds enhancing the beauty of these dangling pearls.

J had lost one side of her pearl earrings, so she wanted to make a bangle using the remaining pearl. Pearls work nicely with organic shapes, so we came up with this leaf-inspired bangle with the opening to be worn on top.

Stylish and modern bangle making use of a single pearl that was left from a pair of ear studs.

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