Celebrating the Birth of a Child

A couple of years ago, Angie had a necklace shortened with us. We removed several diamonds to make her necklace the right length. Using the removed diamonds, we made a pendant and a pair of earrings. But even after making those two items, there were a few diamonds left, so she kept them to use for another piece later on.

Sketching a ring design based on the star constellation, Cancer.

Now, to celebrate the birth of her baby boy, we used the remaining diamonds to make a ring inspired by his star sign, Cancer.

Arranging the placement to create the star sign as well as sit nicely all around the ring.

We made a modern and playful design. It is symbolic, but in a way that isn’t too obvious and can easily be worn every day, even when carrying a baby or playing with a child.

A modern ring with bezels on all diamonds, handcrafted in 18K Yellow Gold. Elegant, yet suitable for everyday wear.

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