Can Platinum Rings be Resized?

Tiffany’s and other international jewellers have long been making their rings in Platinum. But when the popularity of online Diamond buying increased, so did the need for Platinum rings to be resized. Platinum as a material can be resized, but it requires a craftsman who is familiar with it. Platinum requires much higher temperatures than gold when crafting from scratch, as well as resizing.

Choosing the right size when buying a ring online is always a challenge, and if you choose Platinum, it makes the resizing even more difficult. However, the main factors determining whether your ring can be resized, are design and size difference. A solitaire is easier to resize than a setting with diamonds along the band, and 1-2 sizes difference is more doable than several sizes up or down.

If you have had your Platinum ring resized, and see a line where it has been joined, don’t be alarmed. This is normal and expected. When a ring has just been resized, the plating will cover the ‘scarring’, but after some wear, the line will be visible again.

If you have previously had your Platinum ring resized and it splits open, we can also repair it. However, if the claws on your platinum ring have been damaged, we would strongly recommend to make a new ring to set your existing stones into. Joining a resizing will be more secure than joining back a broken claw. The risk of the claw breaking again is therefore much higher than a resizing splitting open. Making a whole new ring may seem like a lot of money to spend instead of a repair, but just compare that to losing your Diamond, and it seems much more sensible.

One claw had fallen off this platinum ring, so we made a whole new ring following the same design so that we could set the Diamond securely.

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