Planning Your Wedding Rings

What should you think about when custom designing wedding rings? What do people normally wear? Well, simple Lord of the Rings rings are still pretty common, but a little more personality will make your ring feel even more special.

The design of the wedding ring will often be informed by the engagement ring. It needs to fit around the engagement ring, or it needs to complement it in a way that adds or removes bling when worn together.

Oval Engagement ring with Diamond band

This Oval Diamond engagement ring had a large diamond and a solid band. The size of the diamond made it so that the wearer did not want too many diamonds on the wedding ring. However, the solid band made it so that it would have looked too chunky if we made a plain wedding ring. The perfect in-between was a band that curved around the engagement diamond, but was set with bars between each diamond to play down the sparkle. Who knew that adding diamonds would be the best way to make a ring look less bling?

Custom designed wedding rings original white gold

Her ring was shaped around the engagement ring in three sections. His follows the number of sections but in a less curved way.

If you don’t need to match the engagement ring, you can focus more on a design or meaning that reflects you – individually or together. This pair of wedding rings (below) were based on a single guiding word: Gaming – an interest the couple shared.Unique wedding rings inspired by gamingGaming is about finding the right path, much like life, so for these two gamers we made wedding rings illustrating that they have each chosen different paths that lead them to each other. The shape and paths of the two rings are different, but both have one path that leads all the way around the ring while some paths are dead-ends.

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How the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together is important. Here are some examples of how to avoid a gap between the two rings.

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