What shape are you?

Do you love Diamonds but  are not sure that you want a Round one? Fancy Cut Diamonds might not be as common as the Round Brilliant ones, but they are definitely just as striking.

Loose Round Diamond

You probably already know the Round Diamond. Now, let’s take a look at some fancy shapes. We took a few snap shots of loose Diamonds to show what they look like before they are set. This way, we can really see the different properties of the different cuts.

Princess Cut Diamond

The technical term for Princess Cut is Square Modified Brilliant, which means that it is a Brilliant Cut Stone, like the round one, but with the top part cut into a square shape. Because of its brilliance, yet unusual shape, the Princess Cut has many fans…

Cushion Cut Diamond

A Cushion Cut Diamond has larger facets than a Round Brilliant Diamond, which means that it sparkles in a different manner. This cut makes the light reflect back in all directions, which makes it a mesmerizing choice.

Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald cut Diamond is a step cut stone, with fewer facets,
which means that it does not reflect light in the same way as a Round Diamond. With focus on the shape and clarity, the Emerald Cut is a less sparkly option, but still a classy choice that mainly attracts the vintage lover.

There are several other Fancy shapes and colours of Diamond, but the above pieces are the most commonly found ones. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Why are there so little marquise diamonds in comparison to others? 7% of diamond rings have a marquise diamond (and I’m basing this on numbers I got from Diamondcodes on diamond shapes.
    Are they just more rare in nature? Should they cost more?

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