Take a Look Inside Your Jewellery

When you buy clothes you go over the seams to check the quality and ensure that the garment is well made. When buying jewellery, check the inside – or even the back.

Intricate detail on handcrafted ring

We recently had a customer who said that the favourite part of her ring is under the Diamond. It is crafted with intricate detail which makes it elegant, while also ensuring the security required for a precious piece of jewellery.

Details on heart shaped diamond ring

This kind of ‘nested’ setting is of course not available for all types of jewellery, but there are other ways to check the quality. Gold price is at an all-time high and naturally  jewellery makers are conserving. Many choose to ‘carve’ out some of the gold from the inside of the band of a ring or the back of a pendant because it keeps the jewellery affordable. However, it is important to make sure that the band remains thick enough to handle everyday wear and that the design is unaffected.

Side-view of intricate detail on diamond ring

You can feel if a ring is light and seems breakable just by holding it, and there is definitely a difference between jewellery and jewellery –  even if the materials are the same.  As with clothing, that little extra is created by the details that cannot be seen by others, but can be felt by the wearer. No one knows that your jacket is lined with the finest italian fabric, but you know it and you can feel it. Same goes for a piece of jewellery. If you know that you are wearing quality and the person who made it put that little extra into it, it makes a world of difference for you as the wearer.

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