Sail Away -Resetting of Necklace with Acrylic

Pendant with gold anchor

We just delivered a necklace that was of special significance to the customer. In her own words:

“Before Frederick sailed, he gave me this necklace to remember him by. I loved it! For being unique and beautiful, and encapsulating what he does for a living and where he will be when we’re apart.
The sad part is that I am allergic to the metals that costume jewellery are usually made of. So within a month, the metal was tarnished and my skin was breaking out in rashes. Decided to get the metal replaced with rose gold so that I can wear the necklace on a daily basis. I am glad to find the wonderful folks of
@morethandiamonds and@goldilocksjewellery who were not only able to maintain the acrylic part of the necklace and replicate the anchor to a T, but also added a plate with Frederick’s name on it.

Thank you @morethandiamonds and@goldilocksjewellery! If you ever need to revitalise and redesign a treasured piece of jewellery, I would recommend checking them out. They are both at the same place. (And no, I am not paid to do this. They are genuinely wonderful people!)”

– Quote from her Instagram account used with permission. 

What started off as a costume jewellery piece of sentimental value has been changed to a beautiful long lasting necklace with even more meaning. And that is what makes working with fine jewellery – and especially restoration so special.

 Name engraving on pendant

The engraving was done by Don at Gift Galleries, who we entrust with all our engravings. Visit them at:

5 Koek Road
#02 – 23 Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796
Tel: +65 62353801

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