Redesign: East Meets West

S and her mother-in-law brought in a pair of old bangles – whose history they could trace back through the family to 1880s India – together with a ring that has been worn for generations by the European side of the family. She wanted to combine the two into one item that could show the unique pattern on the bangles as well as the beautiful colour of the Aquamarine.

Redesigning bangle and Aquamarine ringBefore: Pair of gold bangles that had been cut open when mother-in-law injured her hand, and a beautiful Aquamarine in an old-fashioned setting.

Gold bangle with inherited AquamarineWe joined the two bangles and added the Aquamarine to the set. We chose to make a simple bezel setting for the aquamarine, to keep the focus on the gorgeous stone which is nicely backed up by the pattern on the bangles.

In addition to the bangles, S also had an old pendant that was too busy to wear today. The stone was gorgeous and also rather large, so a simple frame around it made it wearable on an everyday-basis. We saved the loop from her old pendant to keep a touch of history in the new design.

Aquamarine pendant before and afterLeft: Before – Too many details bringing the attention away from the stone.

Right: After – Stunning aquamarine in a simple frame works well together with the old link and chain.

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