Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a big step and you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. Apart from Diamond Quality, there is an array of Sizes, Shapes and Designs that need to be taken into consideration.

Round vs Princess cut diamond engagement ring

Classic Round Diamond or the increasingly popular Princess Cut Diamond?

First, set a budget for yourself, and do some research on what you can find within that range. Tiffany & Co introduced the idea of using your 3 months salary as a gauge (in their advertising campaign). However, most important is that you can afford it and that your budget matches what you want. If you want to be sure of a positive response, make sure that you are happy with the ring that you are about to present. You will need to be confident with your choice – how else can you expect her to be happy wearing it?

Engagement ring in Ringbox

Secondly, try to find out what type of rings she likes. See what she normally wears and be attentive on jewellery that she admires in magazines and shop-windows. Round Diamonds, set in a 6-claw setting are a classic, and are so for a reason. However, other Diamond shapes and settings are also rising in popularity, perhaps as an influence from Hollywood. If you look at recent celebrity engagement rings, they seldom use Round Diamonds as the centrepiece. But then again, some celebrities will do anything to get attention…

Radiant cut Diamond Ring

Radiant Diamond with Tapered Diamonds on the side.

If you want to explore your options beyond the Round Brilliant Diamond, there are plenty of choices!  A Princess Cut Diamond, in a plain setting with a broader flat band will suit a modern lady well. And being a modified Brilliant Cut, it will sparkle just as well.  A plain setting for a square Diamond shows clearly that she is engaged, but also that she has style and knows what she wants. An Emerald Cut or Cushion Cut Diamond in a vintage setting will impress the sophisticated woman. She is one-of-a-kind and appreciates the finer things in life.

Heart-shaped diamond ring

Whichever Diamond and setting you choose for the ring, let it be a symbol of your commitment.  A custom designed ring with your own personal touch is sure to be unforgettable and treasured forever….

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