Family Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Isn’t it wonderful to see jewellery passed down through the family? These engagement rings make use of diamonds that were already in the family. Before: This wasn’t a bad looking ring, but M wanted an engagement ring that was as slim as possible, so even this band was too wide. After: Gorgeous and delicate with... Continue Reading →

3-Stone Engagement Rings

In the engagement ring world, 3-stone rings - or trilogy rings are popular. Here are a few of the rings we have made recently, using different stones, shapes and sizes. Diamonds passed down from his mother, set into a classic 3-stone engagement ring, handcrafted in 18K yellow gold. Oval Topaz flanked with peridot make a... Continue Reading →

How We Do It: Diamond Designs

Often people want to make a piece of jewellery after seeing a picture on our website or Instagram and although it would be easier for us to just say Yes and make it without further delay, we choose to do things in a more roundabout way. We will have you come down to see us... Continue Reading →

Traditional turns Fresh

You probably have some jewellery at home that was given to you by a family member or older relative. Chances are, you think that you will never wear them, because they were made when the fashion was different. Here is an example of a traditional type or earrings that got a fresh new look, by making... Continue Reading →

As simple as simple gets

A Solitaire Ring should be just that - a solitary Diamond on a band that makes it wearable on a finger. Too many details will take away the attention from the Diamond. Below are a few examples of simplicity at its best. Princess Cut Diamond on a modern flat band with brushed finish. Simple, modern,... Continue Reading →

Letting the Design Lead

The million-dollar question Does size matter? Yes, it does. Sometimes smaller is much better. Below are a few Engagement ring designs where the Diamond was used as an accent rather than the main attraction. Inspired by the flowers that his fiancee works with, this ring is made with a leaf in mind.  His fiancee wanted a... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Revamp

Anne had an Engagement ring and a Wedding ring from one of our favourite designers, Georg Jensen. For her recent anniversary, she received a ring with a larger Diamond, so she wanted to use the old engagement ring for something else. This is where we came in.  We removed the Diamond from it's setting, and... Continue Reading →

Every Diamond Counts

One of the important parts of custom designing, is getting the Diamond sizes and proportions right. Diamond accents are 'supporting actors' so they should enhance, but not over- shine the star of the show - the centrepiece Diamond. Finding the right proportion between the centrepiece Diamond, surrounding stones and the Diamonds on the band. When... Continue Reading →

Dressing up your Diamond

Ever wonder how different settings affect the look of a Diamond ring? Here are two Diamonds of 1.50ct, with the same dimensions in two different ring settings. Our two examples here are a Classic 6-claw setting with a thin slightly tapered band on the left, and a 4-claw setting with a rounded broad band on... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a big step and you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. Apart from Diamond Quality, there is an array of Sizes, Shapes and Designs that need to be taken into consideration. Classic Round Diamond or the increasingly popular Princess Cut Diamond? First, set a budget for... Continue Reading →

Pretty in Pink

Rose gold, also known as pink gold, has been popular on the market for quite some time. Match it with white and yellow gold for a three-tone effect or wear a piece on its own as an alternative to the more common jewellery that is usually found in white or yellow gold. Many brides-to-be add... Continue Reading →

Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds are without a doubt the most popular precious stone used for engagement rings and wedding bands, but an increasing number of people are seeing the benefits of also letting other gemstones symbolize their love and commitment. Throughout history, European royalty have used Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies as symbols of their wealth and power, but they... Continue Reading →

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