Why do We Have a Ring Fitting?

We custom make every jewellery item from scratch, based on the sketches and designs we work out during our meeting/s with you. Part of getting each piece right for you, is to make sure that the size is right. We do a fitting and see that rings fit the finger the way they should, and if any minor changes need to be made, they are better made before we set the stones.

At the workshop – each ring is built to fit your stone and finger size. Here seen a split-band with diamonds (to be set in later), made for a round blue sapphire.

During the fitting, you will try your actual ring, meaning it will be made in the material that you have chosen (Gold, Platinum or Silver). The centrepiece is usually in place using blu-tack. During this stage, some designs look quite rough, as claws may be longer and sharper and not shiny yet. Some people might get a little worried at this point, since it doesn’t look as what they were expecting the ready item to look like. They just need to be reminded that the stones will be set, the claws filed down and the gold polished, as soon as we are done with the fitting. Confidence restored…

Top- This doesn’t look like a Harry Winston! A Diamond halo doesn’t look quite as shiny without the Diamonds. And this double band looks dark before setting and polishing. But during the fitting we are just making sure that the ring size is right.
Bottom – All polished with the Diamonds set in, ready to stun the world!

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