Matching Rather than Identical IV

Did you read our latest post Choosing Not to Match Wedding Rings? If that’s not for you, then this might suit you better. We have made it our signature to design wedding rings that are matching rather than identical. Here are some of our latest projects.

Matching rather than identical wedding rings

From Left to Right: 

Hers, a V-shaped textured ring to sit around the engagement ring, his, a faceted band. Even though they chose different textures on their rings, the colour keeps them matching.

Her ring coils around the engagement ring, which leaves a gap on top to fit the setting. His follows the same shape, but since he doesn’t need to fit anything in-between, we joined the ends to make the ring more solid.

He chose a ring with squarish edges and a wide band, she chose a more delicate look with a Diamond eternity ring.

All rings above are handcrafted in Original White Gold.

Handcrafted wedding rings

Left to right:

Diamond Eternity Ring for her and a squarish ring for him. In addition to matching the rings in white gold, he placed a small Blue Sapphire on the side, to match her Sapphire engagement ring.

This couple chose to match the shape instead of the colour – original white gold for him and rose gold for her.

Both rings with a gemstone – Infinity signs topped off with a small bezel-set Sapphire, matched by a Ruby on a matte band, and their choice of same colour gold.

You see that some wedding rings match in concept, while others match visually. It all depends on the story behind the rings and what you want them to show. Is it your individuality, your compatibility – or your similarities?


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