Individual Wedding Rings

If you and your partner have different taste in jewellery, you can choose to make wedding rings that suit your individual styles. Here are some examples of couples who chose to make wedding rings that don’t look alike.

Hers is a ring with rivet-set diamonds and a v-shape to sit around her engagement ring. She also followed the rose gold of her diamond engagement ring, since they will be worn together. His is matte with shiny edges, handcrafted in 18K White Gold.

Hers is a Moonstone with claws, set in 18K Original white gold. His, a smooth, rounded band in shiny white gold. Similar in their classic simplicity, but not in colour or shape.

He chose a squarish wide ring, in matte, white gold. She chose Original white gold to highlight the green hues in her multi-gemstone ring.

Hers is a diamond eternity band in rose gold. His a wide matte band with sloped edges.

Do you like any of these designs? You can make one even if your partner doesn’t like the same one!

Don’t like any of these designs? Pretend they are your partner’s ring and we will design something totally different for you! 😉

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