Designing Four Different Gemstone Rings

Sometimes a project starts like this: Four gemstones in different shapes and colours, a couple of old earrings and a blank sheet of paper.

Gemstones and a blank sheet of paper. And so the ideas begin.

When custom designing jewellery, the possibilities are endless! So working with existing stones sets some limits, which can actually be a welcome challenge. J had collected these gemstones during her travels and wanted to use the small diamonds from single earrings and an old ring that she wasn’t wearing. We were going to make four rings with the four different gemstones and needed to figure out how we could use the small diamonds for each design. In this particular case, it was effortless, with a client who immediately liked the ideas we had.

We sketched our suggestions for each gemstone ring with the diamonds added, and J loved them all.

Sometimes it feels like the pieces choose themselves. They somehow just pop up from the page and scream to be made. We made four gorgeous rings using four different gemstone colours and shapes.

Original White Gold enhances the golden tones in the Citrine. The irregular placement of side diamonds makes this a fresh take on a classic design.

The Ruby was accompanied by the largest diamond we had at our disposal. The bezel brings out the shape of the stone.

The Blue Topaz looks stunning on its own in a modern white gold setting with a double band.

The Green Tourmaline got an organic feel with the tiny diamonds looking almost as if they’re growing out of the band.

Which one is your favourite? Which stone would you like to set into a ring?

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