Custom Design: Sketching and Crafting

We want to give you a glimpse into the process of custom designing and handcrafting your jewellery.

Custom jewellery design sketchesEvery piece we make is sketched out in life size so that we see the proportions and make sure that the design looks the way we want it to.

Sketch and selecting diamonds and gemstonesSelecting stones and laying them out in the right order. Proportions between stones, colour spacing etc., can be so important in getting the right result.

When the design has been confirmed, and gemstones selected, we will handcraft each piece from scratch.

Handcrafted jewellery in the makingIn the making: Pearl studs with a bezel set diamond on top, playful bangle to fit several sapphires in different colours, ring with bezel set diamonds and sapphires set between two walls of gold.

Custom made rings at the workshopIn the making: Bezel set engagement ring with tiny details on the side, ring with two diamonds, men’s wedding ring with a line in the centre.


Want to see what happens after this? Custom Design: Fitting and Finishing

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