Engagement Ring Trends: Blue Sapphire

We can only assume that it is Kate Middelton’s ring that is still inspiring people. Or maybe that Classic is back in fashion (was it ever out?). Whatever the case may be, Blue Sapphire is back in the game.

Although Blue Sapphires have had a longer history than the Diamond as an engagement ring gemstone, it is the Diamond that gained mass appeal over the last century. So much so that it is the only gemstone that comes to mind for some people. Well, we think it’s time to shake things up a little ; )

A classic setting that never goes out of style. Here with vintage-inspired details.

A large Sapphire surrounded with small Diamonds for that classic elegance.

This double row of Diamonds lends a modern touch to Classic design.

A modern take on the Engagement Ring – a 3-stone design with Blue Sapphire and Diamond.

This ring sure packs a punch. The double-band is designed in proportion to the large centrepiece, with the gap lightening up the overall look. 

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5 thoughts on “Engagement Ring Trends: Blue Sapphire

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  1. beautiful rings… in my personal opinion, sapphire as engagement ring are more appealing than diamonds… but it’s more beautiful if you paired it with diamonds just like what you have here

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