Wedding ring to fit engagement ring to fit the wedding ring

L came to us a few years ago to make a wedding ring to sit nicely around her existing engagement ring. In the years since then, she has had to replace a small diamond in the engagement ring once or twice, as they fell out. However, recently, the main diamond fell out and she came to us to make a whole new engagement ring. This time, we had to make the engagement ring to fit well with the wedding ring that we had previously made.

We made a curved wedding ring to sit around the existing engagement ring.

The centrepiece diamond had fallen out, but we used the small diamonds in the new engagement ring.

She wanted a similar curved engagement ring but was happy to let us change the design a little. We made sure we used all the small diamonds from the old ring and had them end at the same line as the wedding ring. Now the engagement and wedding ring are a beautiful set, both made to fit the other.

The new engagement ring together with the wedding ring made a few years ago.

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