Need Help Visualizing?

Many people find custom designing tricky because they have difficulties visualizing the ready item. Whether making a wedding dress or a wedding ring, it can be good to have an idea of the basic shapes that suit you. In order to help the piece come alive in your mind, we use sample rings and sketches.... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Kate Middleton’s Ring

What would be better than receiving Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring? We would say, being proposed to with a ring that was custom designed for you, inspired by the Duchess' ring. B knew that his girlfriend liked Kate Middelton's ring but wanted to make a ring that would suit her personality even better. With the Diamond... Continue Reading →

A Very Symbolic Set of Rings

This couple created such a meaningful set of Engagement and Wedding rings: Her engagement ring is made using a diamond from her father-in-law's old ring, reset into a plain solitaire setting. The casing that remained after removing the Diamond, is now set with a Blue Sapphire with a modernised bezel setting, and worn by the... Continue Reading →

Jewellery Doctors – To the Rescue!

What do you do if you loose one side of you earrings? Make something else out of it! Part of our restorations and redesign includes problem solving. When customers bring their items to us, they might be broken, old-fashioned, mis-matched etc. Our job is to figure out the best solution in each individual case. This... Continue Reading →

Just a Minute: Kevin & Cheryl

Kevin Seah is a fashion designer who has made a name for himself creating couture and bridal gowns. Last year he extended his services to a men's readymade and bespoke line. Recently he also landed regional distributorship for Alfred Sargent shoes and a wide range of fantastic quality European fabrics. Cheryl Ow Hui is a... Continue Reading →

Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds are without a doubt the most popular precious stone used for engagement rings and wedding bands, but an increasing number of people are seeing the benefits of also letting other gemstones symbolize their love and commitment. Throughout history, European royalty have used Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies as symbols of their wealth and power, but they... Continue Reading →

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