Simplifying Ideas to Suit Engagement Rings

When designing engagement and wedding rings, we keep longevity of the design in mind. The aim is classic designs that are wearable – often, and ever after. We don’t want them to seem dated or too ‘young’ in the years to come, so anything too trendy is best avoided.

Pooh bear might not seem like the most obvious choice for an engagement ring, but when simplified to the ‘essence’ of it, a simple hunny pot made a gorgeous ring.


Engagement ring inspired by hunny potGolden honey dripping down around the Blue Sapphire. The rest of the ring gets an even more modern touch with the matte finish.

Custom designed engagement ring on painted brush strokesBrushstroke ring on top of a wave painted by the fiancée-to-be.

In trying to find a theme for his engagement ring, R talked us through his girlfriend’s personality and interests. He started with ideas about ocean-related items and sea creatures which are common images in her work, and then continued with her love of painting. That got us thinking about brush strokes and Chinese painting and we eventually refined the idea into a single brush stroke that folds around the finger. This just proves that a lot of thought and meaning can be put into the design process, with the result still being simple and modern. The ring should be a concentrated version of all the effort put into the design process. We then distill all the ideas into a fine jewellery piece.

Modern engagement ringReady for the proposal – brush stroke engagement ring, custom designed for a painter.

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