Matching Rather than Identical III

It's been a while since we showcased them on the blog, but we have still been busy making a lot of Matching rather than identical wedding rings. Here is a selection to get you inspired... While not easy to spot at first glance, these rings were made following one-another. Hers is a ribbon-shape that we chose... Continue Reading →

How We Do It: Diamond Designs

Often people want to make a piece of jewellery after seeing a picture on our website or Instagram and although it would be easier for us to just say Yes and make it without further delay, we choose to do things in a more roundabout way. We will have you come down to see us... Continue Reading →

How We Do It: Redesign

Many of you own jewellery that you would like to change the design of, but are not sure how to go about it. The process will of course depend on your ideas, your existing items, what we can come up with, etc. But here is an example of the process, so you better know what to expect. Before... Continue Reading →

Inherited Diamond for Engagement Ring

L brought us a ring that had belonged to his Oma (grandmother) that he wanted to set into a ring design that would better suit his future wife. From the start, we had to throw tradition out the window, as he wanted a ring that was curved around the finger, but did not join on top. The continuous circle of a ring... Continue Reading →

Redesign – the Diamond Edition

We often redesign jewellery that people have been given and don't like the design of. Sometimes it is not just about look but also about function and practicality. 1. Diamonds not in proportion to the centrepiece or the ring as a whole C came to us with a ring that she had recently made with a jeweller... Continue Reading →

Wedding Cube Ring

Remember Yiz and Junhan with the three engagement rings? They came back recently to make their wedding rings. Since Yiz had three rings that she enjoys wearing on different fingers different days, she didn't want to add one more ring. Instead, we resized so that the cube ring will now only fit on the ring... Continue Reading →

Emerald Necklace – From Dressy to Classy

Ivy had an old Emerald necklace that she wanted refreshed. The necklace was set on an Omega chain with Diamonds surrounding each Emerald in a classic, yet old fashioned way. The necklace was also a bit too dressy to wear frequently. Old Emerald and Diamond necklace with sketch of the refreshed design.  We saw the potential in keeping the Omega... Continue Reading →

Three-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

Junhan wanted something special to propose with. He knew that Yiz would want something custom made, something that could not be found off the shelf. He described her personality and style and left it up to us to suggest a design. We understood that Yiz is playful, and likes to post her #ootd, yet wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Engagement Rings with Gemstones

Diamonds may be beautiful and sparkly, but they have recently been getting competition from other coloured gemstones as centrepieces in Engagement Rings. Coloured gemstones are stunning and unusual - both being traits that are favourable when designing an engagement ring. The variety of colours and shapes can also make gemstones more suitable for each individual's personality.... Continue Reading →

Thank You Notes

It is time for our yearly Balik Kampung (go back home) and we wish to sign off with some feedback that reminds us how rewarding our work can be. We enjoy what we do and we often deliver pieces to happy customers. But when someone takes that extra time to write to us specifically to express their gratitude,... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Necklace

Lesley brought an old ring in for resetting. Using her existing Diamonds, we redesigned them into this playful, asymmetrical ring. She was very happy with the look of her ring - modern and fun, with the Unplated White Gold highlighting the Diamonds even better than her old ring. Recently, her husband came in to make an Anniversary present, and... Continue Reading →

Curved Wedding Rings

Sometimes you only need a small twist to make your wedding rings special. Following are some curved wedding rings to get your ideas flowing.  Plain curved wedding rings with brushed finish. Simple, yet different.  Curved Slim Wedding Rings. Hers with Pink and White Diamonds, his clean and simple.  Diamond Solitaire and Diamond Eternity Ring sit nicely... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Proposal Item

Vincent contacted us to have a Proposal Pendant made. Being an unusual choice, we decided to ask him some questions. Traditionally, people propose with a ring. You chose to make a Pendant to propose with. Could you explain why.  First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank More Than Diamonds for the... Continue Reading →

Last minute changes turned out great

Ed came to us thinking that he wanted a really simple wedding band, but when we were done with the design of his fiancees ring, he was also hooked on custom designing. Last minute, he decided that he wanted his ring to have that Something that made it his very own. At first glance, this ring looks like a plain... Continue Reading →

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