Make this Must-Have Using Old Jewellery

People tend to get carried away when custom designing, and will to try to fit all their ideas into one item. This is often a recipe for disaster, as too many design elements will spoil any design, be it jewellery, clothing, or a home.

If you have any diamond items lying around at home, you can make this simple diamond pendant, suitable for everyday wear. The kind of item that matches all your outfits and that you might not even think to remove when going to bed. A true must-have in your jewellery collection.

This ring and pendant (left) were no longer loved, so we redesigned them into a set of necklaces of different length, to be worn layered. The larger diamond has a thinner bezel with beading and the smaller diamond has a wide bezel with a matte finish for a modern look.

Left/Before, Right/After: This lucky daughter got a pendant using old rings that the mother had stopped wearing. We made a twin-bezel setting with one frame shiny and the other with a matte finish.

J had an old ring with two diamonds of different sizes. We used the larger one for this simple pendant on chain. Yellow gold makes it look even more elegant. This piece will never go out of style.

We set this engagement ring diamond into a pendant so that it could be worn daily, even after she got a new engagement ring and remarried.

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  1. I really love the old jewelry that my mother got from my grandma the designs look really very amazing I shared this post with my mother because she has a huge collection of old jewelry and she loves them an lot.

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