He said, She said: Shan Wee & Artika Sulaiman

Shan Wee and Artika Sulaiman are a fun-loving couple who are currently planning for their grand wedding to be held next year. We were so excited, we just had to find out from Shan about his nerve-wracking ordeal of finding the right ring for his Ashton Kutcher-style surprise proposal.

Shan Wee, 28, is a Radio DJ. You can catch him on weekdays with Rozz from 8pm to midnight on 987FM.

Shan, you bought a pretty unusual ring with a cushion cut Diamond. What is the reason? 2 years into our relationship, Tika conveniently started dropping hints by frequently surfing ring design websites right next to me on her laptop. One day she exclaimed, “I want one which is not square, and not round” and voila, Shan’s brilliantly astute mind decided on a cushion cut.

How did you go about choosing the perfect ring? One day I opened my email inbox to see a message from Tika titled “ideas”. On further inspection, it was just one photo image of a ring, and that picture became my sherpa, guiding me through the Mount Everest of jewellery. Basically I went to our friends at More Than Diamonds, showed them my sherpa, and they got to work on creating the perfect ring.

What were your most important points to satisfy when looking for the engagement ring? Tika had stressed that she would emigrate and never talk to me again if I presented her with a ring that had any kind of life like element – a dolphin holding a sapphire, an eagle clutching a ruby in its talons, things of that nature. So avoiding my natural inclination towards that, was the most important decision.

Tell us about the proposal! The legendary film star Ashton Kutcher once said “to really surprise or prank someone, you have to do it first thing in the morning”. With his wise words in mind, I decided my proposal would be done at 8 am. I slipped out of bed and quietly reminded Tika that I was heading to an early work appointment. 15 minutes later I called her on the phone, to let her know I had arranged a surprise, and that she had to go online to view it. At a domain name that I bought, she found a video photomontage, where the soundtrack was none other than myself – playing guitar and singing a heartfelt ballad about our lives together. The last line of the song was “now go out to the balcony…”.  She stumbled out to our 4th floor balcony and as her eyes adjusted to the morning sun, she noticed an unusual sight on the ground floor. On large printed sheets were the letters WILL YOU MARRY ME? At this moment, the nervous but gallant proposer entered the apartment and went down on one knee on the balcony.

What were your expectations when presenting the ring? I think that all guys believe that every single aspect of the proposal must be 100% perfect, because this is ‘the moment she has been waiting for all her life’. As my proposal went smoothly, I was expecting the Hollywood moment where she tears a little and cries out YES YES YES! In reality, shock and surprise were the immediate reactions, rather than unbridled joy!

Do you have any tips for nervous boyfriends out there who don’t have a clue what to buy? I was very fortunate in that Tika gave me some direction, because I would have been quite hopeless trying to find a needle in a haystack. I suppose my advice would be to try and wrestle such information out of her, subtly, and I think this is much better than ‘going shopping with her best friend’ because as much as girls think they share style, in reality I don’t think they do, and you can’t base such an important decision on a third party’s opinion.

Great pointers and a wonderful proposal story from Shan. But what was the reaction from Tika, his object of affection?

Hi Tika, could you please introduce yourself to our readers.

Artika, 28, my card says Director.  I don’t really direct anything since my partner and I do everything ourselves. I started Sloane Elizabeth Robertson, a twice-yearly shopping spree extravaganza featuring cult brands not readily available in Singapore.  We have now taken that online and launched www.oliviamia.com – a members only shopping destination.

I am mostly fun.  Definitely rebellious, and like to laugh A LOT!

Diamond halo engagement ring with cushion cut diamond

Shan custom made a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring. What do you think about his choice? It’s perfect. I’m not a square because that’s just too rigid.  But a rounded square?  How awesome is that?! It’s like saying ‘Listen.. this marriage stuff is serious, so you have to have a serious shape, but let’s just ‘take the edge off’ and make it a rounded square’.  I didn’t know what a Cushion Cut was, but when I saw that my Diamond was not just square and not just round, I was like.. “LEGIT”

Was the ring what you had expected? YES. Well no. Kind of. I could never imagine a ring this pretty.  I’ve seen the vintage/modern look with diamond in the middle and diamonds around it.  I’ve always found it not so traditional, but yet soulful.  But I have not seen one this pretty.  I actually have to say that my favourite part is looking at it from the bottom.  The prongs that supports it all makes it look so old school, they support the frame all the way around.  It is not bulky, it’s so vintage.  I’m sorry, but there is no way I am passing this ring down to my children!

Tell us about the proposal! One morning I woke up irritated because Shan kept on calling me.  And finally I picked up saying  WHAT DO YOU WANT?

I went to the website as he suggested, a bit annoyed.  I saw what he had done and thought ‘Awww that’s a nice surprise’… But when he said in the video “Now I ask you to go to the balcony” I went back to irritable mode thinking ‘Arrgh, now I have to get up’.  So I got up to look for my present.  I then looked over the balcony and saw big letters by the pool saying WILL YOU MARRY ME?  I proceeded to ignore it and looked around some more for my present but found nothing.

Then Shan came bursting through the door and proposed to me.  This is when I had an outer body experience. I knew it was happening, I could see it, but really, I didn’t believe it.  So the whole time Shan was talking, I didn’t really hear him. All I was thinking was WHAT IS GOING ON???

Afterward, Shan said “Look at the ring!”  I honestly couldn’t, for fear that I would wear some kind of Darth Vader inspired ring – or worse – some kind of Dolphin jumping mid air clinging on to a blue stone.  Later, I went to the bathroom to look without Shan’s presence.  Just in case it was horrid, I didn’t want him to see the expression on my face.  But when I saw it, I went out the door and said IT’S PRETTY!!! YOU DID GOOD YOU DID GOOD!

What were you expecting from Shan in the way of a proposal? I thought that he would honestly play some kind of prank on me.

Do you have any tips for nervous boyfriends out there who don’t have a clue what to buy? Well… Shan told me that when he went to Chris and Sara at More than Diamonds, he was asked to describe my jewellery style and said “Egyptian”. So Thank God for Sara and Chris!My advice would be, ask her friends what they think she would like, bring some of her jewellery to Chris and Sara, and they will help you out… A LOT!

But honestly, one major rule of thumb for me, which I think would be true with most girls: do not buy anything that resembles living things e.g. Dolphin.

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