Celtic Beauty

For this couple who met in James Joyce‘s hometown of Dublin, a Celtic inspired design was the obvious choice for the proposal ring.

We discussed her likes and dislikes with the proposer, and figured out that Silver would be a good choice – One of her favourite (Celtic) bracelets is made in oxidized silver and this ring is designed to grow darker with time.

Since their story begins in Dublin, the detailing on the ring is inspired by Celtic design that can only be seen from the side of the ring. When wearing, it remains a clean and classic ring with focus being on the lovely ocean-coloured stone.

Also she would “kill him” if he spent too much on the ring, as they are in the process of saving up for a beautiful Victorian house, so instead of a Diamond, he chose the Aquamarine because of its beautiful colour and considerably lower price. In a setting that is easy to wear every day and not too dainty looking, we placed the gemstone horizontally instead of a more common vertical placement. Beautiful, if you ask us! 🙂

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