Becoming a trusted Family Jeweller

Jewellery is often worn simply for accessorising, but there are some pieces that you get to mark a special occasion. Here’s how we have come to establish ourselves as unofficial family jeweller of K&S.

K came to us to make an engagement ring several years ago. We designed a ring inspired by vines/leaves. Following a successful proposal, we made the wedding rings and later redesigned a pendant using an old heart-shaped diamond that they had. Now, they are entering a new chapter with a arrival of a baby girl, and they wanted to commemorate that with our help.

Leaf-inspired engagement ring accompanied by a leaf-inspired wedding ring in a repeated pattern for her and one long leaf for him.

Redesigning an old heart-shaped diamond pendant to ‘mask’ the heart-shape and make it more modern. Following the leaf-style and matte finish of the wedding rings.

The Brief

They contacted us when their baby was barely even two weeks old. Since the baby was only just born, they wanted an item that she could wear as an infant as well as when she is older; like an anklet that could be worn as a necklace or bracelet later on. They also wanted it to be a design that would not be too small in proportion to her size when she grows. Style-wise, something that complemented the other leaf-inspired pieces we had made for them.

The Progress

Needing to make something that can be adjustable over the years, without loose parts that might get lost along the way, we decided to make an anklet for the baby stage, with adjustable links for sizing as she grows. And when she grows out of the anklet, it can be moved to the arm to wear as a bracelet. We measured the mum as a guide for adult size to determine the longest length.

We started with this sketch: Leaf shapes inspired by mum’s wedding ring, with three leaves symbolising the three family members. The smallest leaf with a diamond; their little treasure. We also chose to place the leaves along with the chain rather than making a dangling charm-style design, as this would transfer better to a delicate bracelet when she is older.

The Result

In the end, we changed the design to a more symbolic family crest-style design; Three leaves of different sizes joined together with a diamond. This can now be made in a slightly larger version into a pendant for mum – or as we jokingly suggested – even a family tattoo. We also looked at how this could be made into earrings for mum or baby when the time comes. All items are made in 18K Original White Gold.

A family of leaf-inspired jewellery, all handcrafted in 18K Original white gold.

Three leaves of different sizes joined together with a diamond in a newly created family symbol.

Baby girl wearing her new anklet for the first time!

We look forward to all the milestones and special occasions ahead!

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