Family Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Isn’t it wonderful to see jewellery passed down through the family? These engagement rings make use of diamonds that were already in the family.

Before: This wasn’t a bad looking ring, but M wanted an engagement ring that was as slim as possible, so even this band was too wide.

After: Gorgeous and delicate with a slim band that really makes the diamond pop.

Before: Mother gave her own engagement ring as a way of blessing her son’s marriage. Also a classic design that doesn’t look old-fashioned, but still required a change to suit the new wearer.

After: A hammered band makes this new engagement ring ready for the new bride.

As you can see, the old rings were made in yellow gold and so were both the new rings. Trends tend to go in cycles of a generation, so even though the designs needed some freshening up, the colour is still right, even today.

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