I am Dragon

We know that there were many weddings last year, especially on the popular dates of 11-11-11 and 20-11-2011. But we have also been told that the large number of weddings last year could have something to do with these couples planning to have Dragon-babies. The Dragon is, according to the Chinese Zodiac, an ambitious and determined sign and people who are lucky enough to be born Dragons, tend to be very proud of it – And so they should. Elegant yet powerful, who wouldn’t want to be one?

As a tribute to all Dragons, we have designed the Goldilocks™ I am Dragon.  Since Dragons like things their own way, we have made two options to choose from. The Chinese character for Dragon [Long] on a White Gold Chain makes a clean every-day piece.

For the Dragon with a bit more attitude; a 2-tone Pendant with a golden Long and a strong White Gold plate to match this fierce animal.

The Dragon also goes beautifully with gemstones – maybe even a birthstone!

Goldilocks™ I am Dragon is available for order from Goldilocksjewellery.com or

131 Tanglin Road
#02-16 Tudor Court
Singapore 247924
Tel: +65 6235 8873

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