Just a Minute: Anna Nilsson of Subclip Photography

We met up with our friend Anna, a wedding photographer based in Stockholm. And apart from admiring her beautiful wedding photographs, we were curious to see all the wedding rings that she has shot and find out what Swedish couples have been using to seal their love this year.

“One of the trends this year, has been to wear two rings of the same design together” explains Anna.

Since Swedish people often wear a band even for engagement, a ‘stacking’ effect is very common.

Yellow gold is still popular in Sweden. Here with a Princess Cut Solitaire and Eternity Ring for Her and Plain Rounded Band for Him.

Another trend – stamped names on the outside of the rings, paired with a flat band with matte finish for a contemporary look.

We are looking forward to seeing some colourful autumn weddings on  Subclip.se  soon! The website has not been translated into English, but if you email anna@subclip.se she will be happy to help you. She is also available for destination weddings, so whether you want to have your wedding shoot in Sweden, or add a Swedish eye to your Singaporean wedding, Anna might just be the photographer for you…

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