Goldilocks™ for You & Me

I was designing a Goldilocks™ for myself, for my wedding and wanted something that is less direct than, let’s say, a heart or both our initials.

To begin with, I was planning a bracelet saying mr & mrs, in the style of our yes/no bracelet (above) but the minimalist in me kicked in, and all that remained for the final piece was the &.

You & Me, Mr & Mrs; the ampersand (&)  is what binds the words together. Being an everyday symbol connecting words, it can stand for so much more. Goldilocks™ You & Me is made in 2-tone, as a symbol of the joining of two parts, words – or people.

What other symbols would you want to see in Goldilocks? What would they represent? x Sara

* Update: Goldilocks™ You & Me has been featured in the press!

Her World Singapore, February 2012. 

I-S Magazine, 3-16 Feb 2012. 5 design labels to look out for. 

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