Beautiful Birthstones

As a child, I used to love my birthstone. It was such a pretty purple colour. Most of all, I knew it was special because it was just for me. I might have grown out of the magical beauty of it, but the Amethyst is still my favourite stone. And for those who think that only Diamonds make nice jewellery, have a look at this…

A custom set Blue Sapphire Birthstone added to a Goldilocks™ Necklace.

An Amethyst Birthstone hidden on the inside of the engagement ring – what a beautiful surprise!

This couple happen to share a birthstone – so what better choice than Ruby Wedding Bands.

A 60th Birthday present for mum – using the Birthstones of mother and son.

So many nice ways of incorporating birthstones into jewellery. And for you lucky girls of April, the Diamond is still your best friend!

x Sara

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