Lost and Found: SER Jewellery Shoot

In the midst of spring cleaning our computers, we came across some beautiful pictures that have not been shown here on the blog yet.

Artika Sulaiman’s private sale company Sloane Elizabeth Robertson were shooting their lookbook for an upcoming sale and More than Diamonds and Goldilocks offered our jewellery to complete the looks. While on location, we also took a few pictures of our own.

Angela Leow Gray was one of the ‘muses’ chosen for the project. Here wearing a Baroque South Sea Pearl Ring from More than Diamonds.

Goldilocks enters the fashion world… This was at the very start of Goldilocks.


Sara shooting Goldilocks in-between the lookbook shoots.


Keeping busy ‘backstage’; Shoes, glorious shoes!


Strand of White Cultured Pearls with a White Topaz Pendant.

The picture that became a cover of our newsletter….


And now, back to clearing the hard drive and start a New, Innovative Year!

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